Customizable Spring Mattress

Feel : Bouncy like jelly

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Take a look under the covers

The bounce mattress is engineered with the best quality materials to provide the maximum bounce and support.


Layer 1

High GSM Polyester fabric

provides a soft luxurious touch while being stretchable, breathable and immune to bed bugs

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Layer 2 - Comfort layer

Soft PU Foam

provides the perfect pressure relief and motion transfer

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Layer 3 - Base layer

Bonell Spring Coils

provide the perfect support for your spine and back with coils adjusting to your pressure points while creating a fun and bouncy feel

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Layer 4

Anti Skid Base Fabric

Mesh design provides it a breathable and anti skid surface

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Like sleeping on a fun, bouncy jello

This proactive mattress is hard at work while you relax. Adjusting and flexing intuitively to your movements, the bounce mattress provides instant response and unfailing comfort

Optimal airflow for cooler temperatures

Everything from the breathable fabric to open cell PU foam is designed to let air flow and heat escape

Just a few more reasons to pick the Bounce mattress


Factory pricing

Easy unboxing

Single - 9kg
Double - 15kg
Queen - 20kg
King - 25kg
Recommended for
  • Weight - below 80kg
  • Age - 5 to 50 years
  • Position - side and stomach sleepers
Lifespan - 12 years (15 + years with good care)
Trial period - 30 nights from date of delivery
Warranty - 10 years warranty
Materials used :
Soft PU foam: 23D (kg/cubic meter) super soft PU foam
Bonell spring system: Stainless steel interconnected coils
Top fabric - 340 gsm (grams/square meter) polyester knitted
Base fabric: 240 gsm (grams/square meter) anti skid polyester knitted fabric
Cover: Stitched/ non - removable
Packaging: Compressed, vacuum sealed in a box
1. Remove roll from box and place on the bed
2. Cut the vacuum sealed packaging with a sharp object like a kitchen knife or a pair of scissors
3. Let the air escape the packaging and wait 3-4 hours for the product to expand and assume its normal shape
4. Remove the packaging and relax
- Do not puncture the fabric or foam with a sharp object
- Rotate the mattress regularly
- Avoid putting excessive weight on the mattress
- Avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight


Is the Bounce mattress available in custom sizes?

Yes, you can customize it to any size to match your bed frame by clicking on the custom button

Is there a free trial for this mattress?

Yes, the Bounce mattress comes with a 30 night risk free trial. You can return in the trial period and get a full refund

Is this mattress good for back pain?

The Bounce mattress is a spring mattress and is generally not recommended for people with back pain issues - but it is designed to be orthopaedic and comfortable. It will support your back and keep your spine aligned.

What is the recommended age group and weight range for this mattress?

Recommended age group - under 50 years and recommended weight range - under 80kg

Is there any warranty ?

Yes - 10 years

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